Wearing Pantyhose On A Date

No matter if your'e on the first or third date with a guy, wearing pantyhose in combination with a summer dress or short skirt will always be a success. Men love to see a pair of smooth legs and the reflections from a pair of shiny pantyhose. Nothing will make sure that you get his full attention, and attraction, if he can see a pair of nylon legs! This video is a true example of this.

All guys out there; wouldn't you just love it if this was a hidden cam showing your partner for the evening getting ready to meet you? Watch as she sits down in her bedroom, slowly stretching out her legs to pull on a pair of nylon pantyhose all the way up to her waist. At least it makes me go crazy!

One of our members, Melissa, was kind enough to send us an email explaining why she enjoys to have pantyhose sex, and how she teases her partner all day long by wearing pantyhose. You can read her story in full here. If you want to see more pantyhose clips you can check out out directory with pantyhose video or watch this Japanese yoga instructor wearing swimsuit and pantyhose.