Why I Like To Dress In Pantyhose To Tease My Partner When Having Sex

Melissa wrote us an email, wanting to share why she enjoys to have pantyhose sex, and how she ends up teasing her partner every day by always wearing pantyhose at home. Girls, please let Melisa be your prime example how to satisfy us men with a lovely piece of nylon legs whenever you can!

I love to dress in pantyhose. It makes my partner aroused every time I put them on and take my underwear off. He loves it even more when I tease him every day when I walk around in one of my many pairs of pantyhose. I love to wear a number of different color pantyhose. My favorite ones are the pink, baby blue, white, and black pantyhose.

My partner loves when he gets home and sees me waiting with a seductive look on my pretty face. He comes straight through the door and knows that he’s being teased. But he also knows what’s next. He’s going to be rewarded for his patience after a long, hard day of work. I first show him a little skin and then disappear for a moment into the bedroom and slip off into only my pantyhose. It’s priceless to walk back in his sight and see his jaw drop every time. I then go to the kitchen to cook him some food. While I’m cooking I know he’s watching so I make sure my body is positioned and moves in a seductive way.

Usually, I burn the food or cook it wrong because of what happens next. While I’m stirring his food he comes up behind me and grabs my cheeks. Immediately this gets me so wet I feel like I’m at a waterpark or swimming in the ocean. I then hear him unzip his pants and then feel his baseball bat trying to explore my wonderland. Of course, I push away and leave into the living room in order to keep the teasing going. Once in the living room it’s usually the end of the road, he doesn’t let me tease him anymore and he makes love to me in every way possible.

He Makes Love To Me For Hours Because Of My Pantyhose

Even when my partner is tired from work, he still wants to make love to me for hours because of my pantyhose. I love to go shopping at least once a week to look for new and exciting pantyhose. I just bought some neon green and orange one’s and this weekend I’m going to wear them until I tease him to point where he prances on me for hours.

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Pantyhose sex should become a regular thing for any couple or pair of people hooking up. It’s so exciting and the greatest thing is you can tease your partner every day and for hours. Try wearing them with nothing else on and lounging around the house. It’s only a matter of time when your partner can’t resist and jumps on you and takes you to heaven.

Pantyhose have become a part of my life and I don’t think I could live without them. Just imagine me walking around seducing you with some bright pink pantyhose. Wouldn’t you want to be teased until the point where you couldn’t take it anymore? I just love to tease my partner before I give my sweet body to him.

I encourage everyone to do what I do, it’s amazing!

Melissa - FL

Why I Like Pantyhose Sex
Image Source: covered_feet / Instagram