Fetish Queen Azzara

Queen Azzara is the ruler in her fetish kingdom. She knows how to make erotica better, sexier, and more enjoyable, as her loyal fans would tell you. With a hot body, amazing features, and a sexy attitude, Queen Azzara is making her way to the top of the world of fetishes.

Her Royal Highness

Who is this “Queen Azzara”? Well, she’s a former model that decided to take a step into the world of erotica. She runs her own websites and calls all the shots personally, enabling her to give her followers a unique and passionate experience with her work. Although she is only 22, she has big plans for herself and both the talent and drive to succeed. It sure doesn’t hurt that her plans involve erotica and she’s beautiful girl from Switzerland. To learn more about this amazing woman, visit her website at www.queenazzara.com.

Azzara’s Sexy Black Pantyhose

Queen Azzara looks absolutely amazing in pantyhose. Luckily, she loves to wear nylon, so her fans get to see her in pantyhose quite often. In addition, she wears all sorts of colors and styles of pantyhose, adding some more fun to her videos. This one here shows her playing with her legs and feet in some sexy black pantyhose. Along with the nylon, she wears a pair of gorgeous, shiny red heels that she also plays with.

The Queen in Torn Purple Pantyhose

In this video, you can see some of the unique types of pantyhose that Azzara likes to wear. As you can see, she doesn’t just like the classic black or skin-colored pantyhose that most women wear. Instead, she has fun mixing it up. The pair she wears in the video are purple and have tears all along them. She compliments the great pantyhose with some very sexy black high-heels.

Sexy Azzara in Alternative Pantyhose

Another video to see is this one, where Queen Azzara has some hot black nylon on her legs. She wears the same heels as seen in the previous video, although the entire outfit has a different look. Like her other videos, Azzara does an excellent job enticing and flirting with her viewers in this one. She makes the sexiest faces and has incredible feet and legs. This video is especially hot because it emphasizes the back side of her legs, which are very sexy.

Working in Hot Pantyhose

Probably the hottest of these four videos is this last one. It shows the lovely Queen Azzara in some sexy pantyhose that she plays with. As she sits at her desk, she puts her legs up and begins stroking her legs. Then, she starts ripping her pantyhose, which is absolutely sexy. You can tell that Azzara is enjoying it, and it makes you wonder if she’d enjoy it if you were with her too, the big tease.

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