Pantyhose Sex On My Business Trip To Philadelphia

I was in Philadelphia recently on a business trip. I was staying in a hotel downtown and having a drink at the bar when I noticed a man out of the corner of my eye. I tried to discreetly look at him and saw that he was staring at my legs. I wasn't surprised by that; I have great legs. They're long and lean and look great in pantyhose and heels. I waited for him to come over but he never did so I grabbed my drink and went over to him. He seemed surprised when I sat down and asked him if he liked what he saw. Apparently he thought he was being subtle. We talked for a bit and I brushed my leg against his. I kept doing it and a few minutes later he shifted in his seat. I know that move well; it's the 'I'm starting to get hard' move that guys make when they're trying to hide it. He didn't need to; I'd already decided that tonight I was going to fuck him. I told him that I was going back to my room and he could join me if he wanted to. I then got up and left. A few seconds later he followed me.

I went straight to the bedroom and got undressed while he watched me. When I started to take my pantyhose off he swallowed and said "Keep them on."

That's when I knew why he kept staring at my legs; he had a pantyhose fetish. "Why? Do you like them?" I asked as I ran my hands over the top of my thighs. "Mmm, they feel so soft against my skin." I told him as I moaned softly. I crawled back on the bed and spread my legs apart. I fingered myself through the hose until my juices soaked the crotch. He quickly got undressed and got between my legs. He stroked my legs and told me how sexy I looked. He took his time slowly moving up until he got to the top of my thigh. He rubbed my pussy through the pantyhose and it felt rough against my aching lips. I moaned and he bent his head down. He licked my pussy through the pantyhose then ripped it with his teeth, tearing a hole in them. His hands slipped over my pantyhose covered thighs as he pushed his tongue in me and licked my juices up. He flicked against my clit and I gasped, telling him to keep doing that. He did and when I was about to lose control I pulled his head up and told him to fuck me. He leaned over me and shoved inside, going in deep. I wrapped my legs around him, the pantyhose sliding across his skin. He fucked me hard and fast, keeping his hands on my waist. I felt my pussy start to tighten when he suddenly groaned and started to cum. I rocked my hips against him and cum just as he was finishing.

He climbed off me and I took my ruined pantyhose off as he began to get dressed. Just before he left I slipped them in his pocket as a reminder of tonight. I guess he will have many nice times with that used pantyhose later on…

Pantyhose Sex in Philadelphia