My Pantyhose Addiction

I’ll admit it. I have an addiction to pantyhose. I am a grown man and since child hood I have not been able to help myself. I so love the soft, smooth, silky and electrifying feel of the fabric. I adore the shear elegance.

My pantyhose addiction started when I was just a young boy. I was nearly 13 when one day I noticed my older sisters nylons on the bathroom counter. I saw them and wondered if she had more. I snuck into her bedroom and search through her panty drawer. I saw dozens of pairs. I grabbed a black pair of nylons and headed to my bedroom.

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They had caught my eye. I had to touch them. I couldn't help but to pick them up. I carefully inspected them. They were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I could not believe I had taken my sisters pantyhose. I had to keep them for myself. I could never let them go so I bought her a new pair and snuck them into her drawer so she wouldn't know.

It made me addicted to Pantyhose!

It was that moment that I became addicted to pantyhose. I didn't put them down you see...I put them on. I cannot explain how it felt to be wearing such a delicate, silky item. I fell in love with that feeling.

Did I feel pretty? It was amazing how the slid onto my leg. So tight and so snug. I’m not sure what I felt but I felt something, that’s for sure. It affected me in such a way as to make me become physically aroused. My breath came quicker. My heart raced. My tender manhood knew it and responded by hardening. I became erect and could not help but to touch myself. Gently at first, and then with all my might. I was so turned on by the sight, and the feel of the pantyhose that I masturbated!

That was the first time I had ever felt the urge to touch myself like that. It was the pantyhose that had that effect on me. That memory will stay with me always, as will my fetish for pantyhose.

As I aged I became more and more addicted to pantyhose. I began to collect them and wear them in secret. I have over the years collected over a thousand pairs of pantyhose. Sometimes I will even slip a pair on under my pants and go into public with them on. I so love the way the ladies look while wearing them. Something about the material glistening and the way it so tightly forms to the shape of the leg drives me crazy. I imagine sometimes that other men are wearing them too.