My Favorite Pantyhose Styles

Jennifer shares her three favorite pantyhose styles. Since she is an active member and a real pantyhose fetish girl, she know ho to choose the right pantyhose, whether it be for work, at parties or when out dating a man!

I was at a coffeeshop with a friend the other day, during our lunch hour from work. She was admiring my new black pantyhose and asked what my top three favorite pantyhose styles were. It didn’t take me very long to decide!

Pantyhose At Work

At work I rarely wear anything other than opaque pantyhose. I love the professionalism mixed with a tiny bit of naughtiness. They provide great coverage and, on the whole, my skin isn’t very visible through them. However, they are so soft and silky that when I cross my legs in meetings or when I walk the length of the office, I can feel the nylon rubbing together and creating friction and heat, which is really erotic.

Pantyhose At Parties

When I go to parties I usually wear a little black mini dress or skirt in one style or another because it means that I can wear fishnet pantyhose and know that they’ll always look amazing and sexy. And wearing a black skirt means that I can change the color of the fishnet pantyhose. I like wearing red or black because it really helps to vamp up an outfit. However, if I’m feeling really virginal then white gives me a real kick! Fishnet pantyhose can be worn to look classy and elegant, but can also have a real slutty, sexy side to them. Whilst they cover you up, they also tease by showing skin through the holes.

Pantyhose When Dating

If I go on a date with anyone that I meet through, whether they are male or females, I always make sure that I’m wearing crotchless pantyhose. You never know when the need for easy access is going to arise! It’s always so sexy to see the look on my date’s face when they realize that I’m wearing crotchless pantyhose. Holding their hand and guiding it up my leg towards my pussy, only for them to find that there’s no crotch in my pantyhose and that I’m not wearing any panties either is absolute heaven! You can only imagine the things that I’ve done on a date whilst wearing crotchelss pantyhose, without ever getting up from the dining table. I find that most members of can be very inventive with what they do with their fingers or toes whilst also remaining incredibly discreet. It feels amazing to climax without ever having to take your pantyhose off!

So, obviously, I asked me friend what her three favorite types of pantyhose were. And the conversation got so hot and steamy that we never made it back to the office that afternoon!