Celina gets fucked in pantyhose at work

Six months ago, shortly after I turned 21, I finally became gainfully employed for the first time in my life! It’s only a receptionist job but for me it means that I have much more independence in my life choices.

Whilst I was at college or at home, I had got into the habit of wearing jeans pretty much all of the time. If I went to the gym, I’d wear workout pants, but that was the extent of my style wardrobe!

After I’d been working for a couple of days, my new boss, Mr Gerrard, called me into his office and said something along the lines of “Celina, you’re now representing my company and I want to make sure that you look the part. So as from tomorrow, I expect to see you wearing a skirt and pantyhose on a daily basis.” So I hit the shops and stocked up. Who knew that there were so many different kinds of pantyhose! I chose several pairs that had a real shine, a sheen to them.

It was during my first day of wearing a skirt and pantyhose to work that I realized that the attitude of the men in the office had changed. Suddenly I was getting lots of admiring glances and I never had to get my own cup of coffee! They were so attentive!

One morning, James, who worked in sales, perched on the edge of my desk and made several comments about the length of my legs and how none of them had realized that I’d had them hiding under my pants. He stayed to chat for a while and when I stood up to get some papers from the photocopier, he slowly ran his hand up the soft sheen of my pantyhose encased legs from my knee to my thigh. I didn’t know whether to be flattered or outraged. But I do know that it felt incredibly erotic and sexy.

After lunch, I was gathering documents together at the printer, when I felt someone come up and stand very close behind me. It was James again and he was standing so close that his groin was touching the globes of my arse and I could feel his body heat. This time he put both his hands on my knees and ran them slowly up the outside of my body, the silky shine of my pantyhose showing him the way! When he got to the hem of my skirt, he carried on underneath until his hands rested on the waistband of my pantyhose. I didn’t object and leaned into him. Looking around, in one swift movement, he pulled down my pantyhose and my panties until they were round my ankles. Leaning me over the printer, he proceeded to fuck me so hard that I could hardly walk for the rest of the afternoon.

I’ve never worn pants to work again. And I always ensure that I have shiny pantyhose on every day to make the day just that little bit better for the men in the office!

Celina, San Fransisco