Where can I date women with a pantyhose fetish?

I have a pantyhose fetish and I'm always looking for women who share the same passion as I do for them. I just love it when I'm dating a woman who will wear pantyhose for me and let me play with their pantyhose covered legs under the table while we're at a restaurant. Rubbing my foot over them is so much fun and it gets even better when we go back to my place and I can touch their silky smooth legs with my hands and dick. One day when I was online I found this dating site called Pantyhose Dates and it became a lot easier for me find and date women with a pantyhose fetish. There were all kinds of women and they were interested in everything to do with pantyhose.

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My first date on that site was with Lisa at her apartment and it was great right from the beginning. She answered the door wearing a a pair of dark pantyhose under her skirt and she lifted the hem up asking "Do you want to touch them?" We both knew I did and she let me in. I closed the door behind me and she took me to the bedroom and I followed behind her, staring at her legs as she walked. She undressed and took everything off except for her pantyhose while I got naked. She touched herself and moaned, teasing me until I needed to feel her. I cupped her ass as I held her to me and she rubbed her pussy against my hardening dick. I moved my hands over her, feeling the soft pantyhose slid over her skin and got her on the bed. I laid on top of her and my dick brushed over her pantyhose. It felt nice and I began rocking my hips as I rubbed my dick on her, smearing thin streaks of pre-cum on her. I put my hand between her legs and stroked her pussy, pushing the pantyhose inside her. I could feel her juices leaking through them and she moaned as the roughness teased her. When she was more than wet I put my face down to her pussy and bit the pantyhose there, ripping the wet fabric open. I held her legs openand she reached down guiding my dick into her. When I was all the way in she pressed her head into the pillow and groaned.

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She let out a gasp when I started thrusting my hips, fucking her with steady strokes. She began to move with me, her hips rocking as I kept going, my fingers grabbing at her pantyhose as I pulled at her. Lisa put her hand on my neck and I could feel her nails scratching over me as she began to breathe faster. I fucked her harder, giving her rough deep thrusts and her mouth fell open as she gasped. Her body tensed up as she started to cum and I didn't stop until my own body began to shudder. I practically laid on top of her as I came and her nails bit into me. When I was done I moved away from her and saw the mess I had made of her pantyhose; they were ripped and had wet marks all over them from our combined mess. Oh well, I'm sure she has a drawer full of fresh new pantyhose for me to ruin.

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