Where Can I Meet Other Pantyhose Fetishists?

"Long legs wrapped in tight, sheer fabric, toes pointed as I lift my legs in the air..." If that image did anything for you, you might just be a pantyhose fetishist! Or tights fetishist, if you're from the U.K. A pantyhose fetishist will find themselves becoming sexually aroused by wearing and/or removing pantyhose, watching another do so, or both. Honestly, though, who could blame you?

As a woman, I can understand the thought of pantyhose being erotic and enticing. The thought of being turned on by the sight of a pair of shapely legs encased in that tight, sheer, defining way that only pantyhose can give us is something that doesn't seem far-fetched to this gal at all! I know from personal experience that my boyfriend enjoys the way my legs look in pantyhose and even the way they look as I *ahem* take my time removing them. Pair that obvious sex appeal with the fact that pantyhose can be worn everywhere for any occasion, and you have a fetish that can be enjoyed literally anywhere! The office, home, a party; you name it, and you can find pantyhose clad women there. (Men too, who am I to judge?) Isn't it fun to think that the meek little librarian down the street or the shy girl in the office may secretly be wearing those pantyhose for a reason other than making a fashion statement? The possibilities, ladies, and gentlemen are endless! Some studies suggest that those that partake in the pantyhose fetish are more likely also to have a foot and/or shoe fetish. Also, the fetish is more prevalent in modern middle-aged men, but that's not to say that the range of fetishists is limited in any way!

Where Can I Meet Other Pantyhose Fetishists?

There are thousands and thousands of people out there, male and female, young and old, that enjoy the fetish and are looking for someone to fully indulge themselves in said fetish. If you're looking to find someone who shares your fetish and you'd like to enjoy it with them, why not try out pantyhosedates.com? Started in 2010, pantyhosedates.com filled a gap in the dating world, specifically catering to those that craved the full experience of pantyhose fetishism and were searching for a partner to experience it with. The site also boasts a wide array of users that enjoy other sorts of underwear based fetishes, such as full body stockings. Discreet, friendly, and easy to maneuver, panthosedates.com is the perfect place for any pantyhose fetishist to find their perfect play partner!

What if I Just Want to Watch Other's in Pantyhose, and Keep My Fetish to Myself?

I understand that some people aren't so open with their fetishes and likes, and would much rather enjoy them in private. Hey, to each their own mon ami! There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the things you like your way, and I can respect that. For those of you that enjoy indulging in your kinks in the privacy of your own home, I have the perfect site for you to check out! Nylongirls.tv is a webcam site that allows clients to watch and interact with models that specialize in nylon! You can chat in the chatrooms for free, or join one of the nylon girls in their private shows. The models here are professional, sexy, and know exactly how to feed your need for pantyhose fun!

Where Can I Find Sexy Pantyhose for Me?

Ladies, every woman needs a pair of pantyhose that makes her feel sexy, powerful, and flawless. Whether you're a member of the pantyhose fetishist brigade or your partner is, and you want to help them live out their fantasies to the fullest, you're going to need to know where you can get the kinds of pantyhose that will maximize your experience in every way! Here are a few of my absolute favorite items, and where to find them!

1. Leg Avenue Women's Sheer Garter Belt Pantyhose

Link: Amazon.com Price: $5.89

These sheer pantyhose are sex appeal personified! Crotchless and with the built in garter belt design that shows off your hips, these pantyhose just beg to be shown off! Pair these with a short skirt and "accidentally" drop something, and you'll be sure to give your partner (or anyone else around, for that matter!) the glimpse of a lifetime. The item comes in two sizes; One Size fits all and Plus, so anyone would be able to purchase them. The sizes do tend to run a bit smaller, so I suggest ordering Plus if you have a fuller frame (or you're lucky to have a luscious bottom!).

2. ToBeInStyle Women's Sexy Seamless Fishnet Full Footed Panty Hose Tights Hosiery

Link: Amazon.com Price: $8.95

Honestly, I LOVE fishnet. It just screams sex appeal, and automatically makes you look like a naughty, rebellious vixen! These fishnet pantyhose are no exception! They're high quality, and come in unbelievable 18 different colors! With options like that, you can get a pair for every occasion. The pantyhose are One Size fits all, but most likely plus sized girls will have a problem with the fit. I personally have these in 6 different colors (can you guess which ones?) and am constantly getting asked where I got them...and the compliments just keep rolling in!

3. Marilyn Womens Peep Toe Toeless Pantyhose

Link: Amazon.com Price: $12.50

Want to pair those leg-loving nylons with a pair of peep-toe shoes to give your partner (or yourself) the ultimate thrill? Then these are the pantyhose for you! These pantyhose are toeless and absolutely perfect for anyone that may have a shoe and/or foot fetish to go along with their love of pantyhose! Available in three colors and sizes small to large, these pantyhose can be paired with your favorite skirt and cutest peep toe heels. With an outfit this suggestive, you're sure to turn more than a few heads and have your partner worshipping at your visible feet!

4. Leg Avenue Women's Sheer Backseam Pantyhose

Link: Amazon.com Price: $6.16

Mmmmm, that sexy little back seam that draws the eye up and up those long, long legs. Honestly, whether you're a pantyhose fetishist or not, you just have to love the look of that back seam and the way it draws the eye and teases the onlooker. As a woman, I know I LOVE the looks I get when I wear these, and I LOVE the way my legs look as I add that extra bit of sway to my hips when walking down the street. These particular pantyhose are One Size fits all, and are available in Nude and Black. They're also on sale right now from their usual sale price of $9.99!

5. Leg Avenue Women's Crotchless Pantyhose

Link: Amazon.com Price: $5.89

Is there anything better than having your legs look absolutely flawless, and still being able to "play"? I didn't think so either! These crotchless pantyhose give the wearer just that! Available in an array of sizes from One Size to Plus Queen, these black, naughty and nice pantyhose are the perfect purchase for anyone looking to fulfill their pantyhose fetish needs!

No matter how you, your partner, or both enjoy the pantyhose fetish, hopefully, this article helps you enjoy it to the fullest! Remember always to enjoy yourself responsibly, and be sure to make sure you both know your boundaries, likes, and dislikes. For those of you looking for a partner to share said fetish with, don't forget to check out pantyhosedates.com! With thousands of members, you're sure to find your perfect playmate! If you're more of a private fetishist but still wish to enjoy your fetish, be sure to check out nylongirls.tv. Remember, these models know the fetish in and out and just love to help you live your fantasy! All the items I listed above are available on Amazon.com, and offer discreet packaging as well. So, get out there and enjoy yourselves! Life is too short not to play a little!

Meeting Women With A Pantyhose Fetish