Seductively Wearing Nylon

Nylon play isn’t just fun for the men; it’s great for us ladies too! What’s more fun that seducing your partner by wearing some sexy nylon for them? What’s more is that if you’re a woman that wants to dress to please your nylon-enthusiast partner, you have a wide variety of options available. You should try all of them, spice up your sex life, and drive your partner wild!

What’s So Great about Wearing Nylon?

For starters, nylon feels amazing against your skin. If you rub your body as you’re wearing it, it will feel silky, smooth, and sensual. Not only will this make you feel good, but it will make your partner lust for you. What person doesn’t enjoy watching a sexy woman rub her body over nylon? Another great thing about it is that it’s a way to seduce your partner without having to be fully naked. You could wear pantyhose to a dinner party and be rubbing your feet against their legs under the table. Trust me; it will be so fun to watch them try to cover up their desire!

Your Tools of Seduction

Like I said earlier, you’ve got many options for nylon attire. My personal favorites include catsuits, tights, pantyhose, and fishnet stockings. They’re all fun to wear and both you and your partner will definitely enjoy it.

Nylon Catsuits

Nylon catsuits are really fun to seduce your partner in. I prefer them to latex ones because they are more porous and your skin breathes easier in them. Plus, I just like the way it feels against my body - something I’m sure that you sexy women will agree with. Wearing one will put your partner in heaven because, not only are you wearing nylon, most of your body is covered in it. Any nylon lover will appreciate a sexy surprise of their woman in a catsuit!

Nylon Tights

Tights are great for many things, including sex. Although I usually wear them to keep myself warm, they always have a place when it comes to nylon seduction. Because tights are opaque, they add a sense of mystery to your gorgeous legs. This also comes in handy in masking accidental (or BDSM inflicted) bruises, not shaving, or other things on your legs. They’re also fun to buy in multiple colors that you can wear on special days and holidays, use to match your bra or other clothing, or wear just for fun!


Pantyhose are probably the most common type of nylon worn in sex, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. Even though pantyhose can be opaque, when you think about them you usually get an image of sheer pantyhose instead. This type of pantyhose is more see-through and of a very fine fabric (which means it feels even better on your skin). You can do my favorite thing and wear them underneath a form-fitting dress and then take your partner out on a romantic date. By the time the date is over, they’ll be dying of lust for you!

If plain pantyhose isn’t up your ally, try the crotchless kind. Imagine your partner’s surprise when they spread your legs only to find that there’s a convenient (and sexy) hole for them! Another thing to try is shiny pantyhose. It will add even more kink to your kinkiness and your partner will love you for it.

Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings don’t have to be trashy - they can be fun, sexy, and seductive! They’re even more see-through than pantyhose because of the large holes in them. They’re perfect for wearing when it’s hotter outside, which is when I use them. Just make sure to match them to the right bra and a great outfit, and you’re set for maximum seduction. Show your partner that you can be a wild animal just as much as you can be a classy lady.

Seduction with Nylon

Let your partner know that you like them by putting on some sexy nylon. Not only will it make them feel good, it will make you feel like the queen of the world. Try something classy with a nice pair of pantyhose, do something different with colored tights, or bring out the animal within by wearing fishnet stockings. Whatever you choose to do, your partner is sure to appreciate you for it!