Secretaries in Pantyhose That I Would Love to Date

Dating a secretary is everyone’s dream, including mine. However, I wouldn’t want to date just any secretary. I’d want her to be sexy, flirtatious, and have a love for wearing pantyhose. After all, what kind of secretary doesn’t wear nylon? To show you just what I’m talking about, I’m going to introduce you to four lovely ladies that I’d kill to have the chance to date.

Emma Glover in White Pantyhose

First up is the lovely secretary Emma Glover who dawns some gorgeous white pantyhose in this video. As you can see, she meets all of my dating criteria. She’s super fun, sexy, and man does she love to flirt. She’s an absolute tease with those long legs and the way she moves her body. On top of it all, she has quite an amazing smile that I would enjoy seeing every single day. Who wouldn’t?

Beautiful Secretary in a Tight Miniskirt

Next is an unnamed Asian beauty in hot black pantyhose and a nice miniskirt. Seen in this video, this amazing woman represents everything that makes people have a sexy secretary fantasy. Both her face and the rest of her body are extremely gorgeous, and she looks really great in her black pantyhose. Her legs are very nice, and the hot black heels that she wears only help to emphasize her natural good looks. Dating her would be a dream come true.

Cristelle in Black Pantyhose

Now, when it comes to sexy secretaries, we better not forget Cristelle. In this video, we see the hot blond in black suede boots and black sheer pantyhose. As she moves around, you can see that her toenails are painted a delicious red color, only adding to her appeal. One of the things I like most about her, however, isn’t how she looks, but how she acts. She’s subtle in her movements and seduces you with little things, like nonchalantly rubbing her toes together while she works. I’m sure you’ll all agree how hot that is.

Secretary in Pantyhose with Killer Legs

The last woman I’d like you to see is unnamed, but no less sexy than the other women we’ve discussed. She has lovely legs, a gorgeous smile, and beautiful black hair. You can see her in action in this video, where she wears a short skirt, pantyhose, and some sexy black heels. When watching the video, you’ll see why I’d love to date her. She’s very sexy as she turns about in her chair, talks to people, and goes about being a secretary. In addition to that, her legs seem to have been made for pantyhose, making her even more perfect. I don’t see how anyone could be around her and not appreciate just how sexy she is.

So there you have it - a short list of some sexy secretaries that I would absolutely love to date. And, after seeing them, I’m sure you would too.