Pantyhose Date With My Neighbour

I've been out of the dating game for awhile now and thought I'd get back into things by asking Susan, my neighbor who lives in the apartment downstairs, out on a date. She agreed and when I went to pick her up the next night how hot she looked. She was dressed smartly in a short black dress and pantyhose. Her long, lean legs looked sexy in the pantyhose and were shown off by a pair of black heels. I have a bit of a pantyhose fetish and as soon as I saw her I got all kinds of dirty thoughts. I took her out to dinner and afterwards we ended up back at her place. I wanted to go straight to the bedroom, but tried to be a gentleman and took the drink she offered me. We sat on the couch and she got closer to me, giving me little touches here and there. I put my hand on her and softly rubbed her leg though the pantyhose. I loved how they felt slipping back and forth under my fingers and I suggested taking things further.

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We went to the bedroom and started getting undressed. I think my love for pantyhose may have been noticed because she took everything off except them.

I saw that they were crotchless, the sheer black pantyhose framing her pussy and I got harder. She saw the way I was looking at her and she smiled at me, running her hands over the top of her thighs while telling me how good they felt on her. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bed and to my surprise, I realized that we were going to have sex with her still wearing them. She got on the bed and I watched her pantyhose covered ass wiggle in front of me. She rolled onto her back and I ran my eyes over her as my dick throbbed. I climbed on the bed and was about to lean over her when she parted her legs for me. She slid a hand down to her pussy and stroked it a few times then held herself open. I saw how wet she was and had to have her. I put my hand on her hip and started pushing inside her. She was warm and wet on me as I went in deeper. I thrust in and out of her, fucking her while my hand stayed on her hip. I wanted as much contact with the pantyhose as I could. She moaned and I felt one of her legs drape over mine. She slowly slid it up my leg, the soft sliding motion of the pantyhose making me shiver and put her leg around my waist.

My Housemate Angelica In Black Pantyhose And Sheer Nylons!

I loved how it felt on me and I moved faster, pounding her tight little pussy while her pantyhose covered leg rocked on me. She pushed her head back into the pillow and made these sexy little cries of pleasure as I painted on top of her. My fingernail ripped the pantyhose and I scratched her as I kept going. I felt her shudder under me and let out a silent gasp as she came. Her pussy tightened around me and her fingers dug into my arm. I didn't stop and soon felt myself getting to the edge. I froze over her and groaned deeply as I started to cum.

When I was done I laid down beside her and put my hand on her thigh so I could stroke her while we caught our breath. I can't wait to go out on another date with her and have pantyhose sex.