My Colleague In Pantyhose Covered Thighs

I love a beautiful woman in a short dress and sheer pantyhose. It's even better when she finishes it off with a pair of stilettos and walks with a little wiggle that just makes you want to look at her ass and legs. I was at a company appreciation dinner when I saw a woman like that walk by. I haven't seen around her work before and figured she was here with somebody. I waited and managed to get her alone when she was getting a drink. We made small talk and I found out she was here with a friend. I asked if she was willing to ditch him so we could go back to my place and that was fine by her.

In the bedroom we got undressed while making out and I was able to get her the way I wanted. I was completely naked and she only had on her bra and pantyhose. I stood behind her and put my arms around her stomach, kissing her neck and rubbing my hard-on against her. I undid her bra and let it fall to the ground, then bent her over, making her lean over the bed. She braced herself on the mattress and looked over her shoulder at me, her ass high in the air. I put a hand on her round, firm ass and touched her while using my other hand to rub my dick on her.

The pantyhose tugged on my tip and made it give a weird tingling sensation. It felt nice and I did it again. I wondered what it would be like to have my dick surrounded by pantyhose and got between her legs. I shoved my dick between her thighs and she squeezed her legs together just tight enough to give me the pressure I needed. I held her and began thrusting back and forth, my dick sliding between the pantyhose had and fast. It felt warm and rough, gentle tugs on my shaft turned me on to the point that it was all I could think about. I fucked her good, my hand slipping as it ripped her pantyhose at the top while I rammed those thighs. She squeezed me tighter and slowly rocked, adding to the sensations.

I held her tight and started to cum, shooting cum all over her thighs. I stayed between them until I was done, then slipped out of them. I moved in front of her and laid down on the bed. She stayed leaning over, her face now level with mine. She was smiling and I looked down at the cum dripping down her legs. I reached out and touched it, smearing the cum over her and making it seep through the pantyhose. I grabbed her and pulled her on the bed, her legs slipping over mine.

I held her on top of me and moved my leg on her while she leaned close and kissed me. By then she knew what I was into and began to deliberately move on top of me, rocking slowly and making the pantyhose slip across me again and again. It helped keep me hard and I rolled her over, leaning above her. This time things went a lot slower and I was able to enjoy every inch of her pantyhose covered legs.