Is it normal to have a pantyhose fetish?

Whenever I talk about girls with my friends, they always talk about how great tits, ass and pussy are with mentions of how tight her shirt was or how short her dress was. They never mention how sexy her legs look in pantyhose which makes me feel weird for liking that so much and I'm too embarrassed to tell my wife that I've got a pantyhose fetish. I keep it to myself and go on the internet so I can look at girls wearing pantyhose and nylon outfits while jerking off. I really want my wife to wear pantyhose more often for me and my fetish and I finally caved and bought her a pair of crotchless pantyhose.

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I gave them to her one night when we were in the bedroom getting ready for bed. I was wearing only pajama bottoms and she was naked and about to put on her nightie. I asked her if she'd wear these for me instead and she looked at them with a smile. "Oooh, kinky." she said lightly as she put her hand through the open crotch, but I knew from the way she was blushing that she really liked them. She sat on the edge of the bed and lifted up her foot, sliding the end of the pantyhose over it. Her foot filled it out and she slowly rolled it up a bit before she put her other foot in it. She then began sliding them up her legs and she moaned as she told me how soft they felt. I took my pajama bottoms off and began stroking my hardening dick as the pantyhose slipped past her thighs and over her ass. She ran her hands over her legs and told me that she wanted me to touch her. I wanted to do a lot more than that and we got on the bed. I slid my hands from her ankles and up her legs until I got to the top. I got between her legs and put my face right above her pussy then began licking her. She shivered as my tongue moved over her then pushed into her warm slit. Her inner thighs rubbed me as I slid my tongue over the inside of her and the gentle scratching made me lap more quickly. She shook as I went over her clit and began to suck and lick on it. She pushed her hips up, rubbing her pussy over my face as she got wetter. I kept going as she got louder and I felt her cum all over my mouth. I slid my tongue out of her and while she was still out of it, I rolled her over and pulled her hips up. The pantyhose stretched over her ass and I shoved inside her wet pussy. I held her as I began fucking her and my hands rubbed the pantyhose between my fingers. She groaned and pushed back on me, forcing me to go deeper. I fucked her harder and could feel a soft rubbing of pantyhose on me every time I thrust forward. I pulled her close to me, my fingers tearing into the pantyhose as I started to cum. Her ass kept moving as she fucked herself on me and the sensation made me shudder.

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I felt her have a smaller orgasm as I pulled out of her and we laid there panting and sweaty. That had been the hottest sex we've had in ages, my friends don't know what they're missing out on.