Cold Outside But I Can Wear A Delicious Pantyhose!

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe it is already getting so cold outside. Seems like yesterday was summer. The good news is that I can wear a lot of the delicious pantyhose that I couldn’t in the warmer months. Today it rained, but I was plenty warm in a pair of thick gray and black pin striped tights that hugged and warmed my long legs beautifully.

I topped them off with a short black skirt and a sheer gray blouse that was thin enough to show off the smooth black bra I wore beneath it. I had to toss on a thick black sweater until I got to work due to it being so cool outside, but it was always warm inside the restaurant and so I would be able to lose the sweater once I got there.

I was barely into my shift and could already see the appreciative stares from some of my male customers. They always seem to tip better when they have a bit of incentive to be as generous with their tips as I was with showing off my pantyhose clad legs. As usual, my shirt was short enough that they had a good view of the way they hugged my delicious backside each time I bent over a neighboring table.

A lot of the girls at work are jealous of all the attention I get in my pantyhose. It is not my fault that they arent using their best assets to get a better tip and customer base. I have people asking for my tables and they are people who always tip me well. It’s rare that I have an evening where my tables aren’t packed with people who came there just to see me and not all of them are men.

The women that come are just as generous as the men. Either they admire my spunk and style or just appreciate the mood their men are in when they get them home. Only a very few are lesbians or bisexaul and actually hit on me. I don’t mind. It’s all harmless and it pays off in tips.

Today was especially busy. A lot of people came in out of the rain to eat and so the place was packed. I had one customer that I’ve never seen before. Usually, my customers are mostly regulars. I was drawn to him instantly. Tall and gorgeous, he was wearing a very expensive suit. He looked very powerful. I couldn’t help thinking that he was definitely the type I’d like to have spank my pantyhose covered bottom.

I didn’t really get a chance to get to know him very well, so I was very disappointed about that. I hope he comes back. For now, I have to get to my other job. More later!

Goodbye for now.

Kisses from Angelica

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