I bought a whole new collection of pantyhose

Hey all!

It’s been a pretty uneventful week. I’ve been working so much that I’ve barely had anytime to myself. The most I’ve managed was a little shopping one afternoon between shifts. I found a great little lingerie shop that just opened around the corner from work and bought a whole new collection of pantyhose. They had some really great styles in there. Not only was I able to find some of my favorite shapewear nylons to go under the form fitting dresses and skirts I often wear, but I found quite a few pairs of thigh highs that are simply divine.

My favorite pair is actually a crotchless pair that have a black latex look and feel to them. It’s like having my legs encased in a delicious layer of cool leather, but without the weight and heat those create on hot summer days or busy nights at work. I’ve paired them with a cute little black dress and knee high boots with four inch heels. Bent over tables at just the right angle will give whoever cares to take a gander a glimpse of my smooth crotch.

I realize that there are people that won’t find this to be something that they should see in a restaurant, so I will have to be selective where I do it and who is in view, but that just makes it all the more thrilling for me. A hint of voyeurism for those who will enjoy the show and just knowing that I am exposed beneath my skirt will make my night just a bit more pleasant. You never know, the right person might find it erotic enough to see what else I’ve got going on and invite me out for drinks after work or for a get together at a later time. I know it’s a bit over the top. Obviously, I’m not going to get into a relationship shamelessly wearing crotchless pantyhose, but I’m not really looking for that. All I’m up for at this time in my life is a bit of fun with a guy that knows his way around the bedroom.

"My favorite pair is actually a crotchless pair"

I hate that I don’t really have anything more exciting to tell you right now, but I just haven’t had a lot other than this going on. Perhaps after a few shifts in some of my new nylons, I will have a bit more to share with you. It has been my experience that men just can’t resist a nice pair of silky pantyhose clad legs, so anything could happen. If it does, I promise that I won’t leave a single detail out during my next post.

Until then, I hope you all are enjoying your lives as much as I am mine! Isn’t spring the greatest? Warm, but not yet hot, and full of possibilities! Don’t let them pass you by. Goodbye for now.

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