He Was More Interested In My Sexy Pantyhose And Much Less Me

Me again . . .

Well, bad news. The hot new thing with the guy at work is off. It turns out that he wasn’t so focused on me, after all. Seems that his interest in me was more about my sexy pantyhose and much less about me. I found out the other night that he has been sleeping with one of the manager’s wives. Of course, I found it out right after the manager did. They had a huge argument and my new lover stormed out. I’m going to guess he won’t be coming back.

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I suppose there is a chance that he might call me. I mean, we don’t have to work together for him to still see me, but I’ve kind of lost interest now that I know he was banging some other dude’s wife while he was acting like he was so into me. Apparently, I was just cover for what was really going on. So, he’s history even if he does call.

All is not lost, though. I made myself feel better by going on a little shopping spree and buying several new pair of nylons that are just to die for. I was wearing one pair of them last night when one of my favorite customers came in. He always appreciates my long legs and I put on a great show when I wait on the table next to his by leaning forward when I’m talking to my guest. My skirt is just short enough to give him a perfect view of my creamy thighs and my panties visible above the top of the my gartered pantyhose.

I have a date with him tomorrow night. Though he has been an admirer for a while, this is the first time he has done more than leave me a big tip. Looks like he is ready to take things to the next level. I’m super excited to spend some time with him outside the restaurant. He’s really gorgeous and has a fantastic sense of humor. If he is half as good at other things as he is at entertaining me while I wait on him, this could be one great time.

Speaking of work, I need to be getting ready to go to it. I will let you all know how things turn out for me. Hopefully, it will be exciting news rather than dull and boring. At least, I certainly hope so. I was so hyped up about the other guy and now that the situation there is shot, I’m really hoping to have a lot more fun with this one. Bye for now.

Kisses from Angelica

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