New Ways To Wear My Pantyhose

Hey there, everyone! I hope that all of you have enjoyed a spectacular week so far. If don’t know about you all, but I can hardly wait for the weekend to finally arrive. I can’t believe how hot the weather has been this week. The restaurant I work at has seemed more like hell than ever before. You would think that folks would want to stay indoors and just keep cool, but instead, they are all piling in to our restaurant to wind down and have a good time. The upside to it all is job security. I don’t have to worry about being downsized!

Luckily, my boss lets us wear skirts rather than trousers at work, so that helps quite a bit with the heat. Of course, I love wearing pantyhose under my skirts, so that does make it a little warmer than going bare legged. It is completely worth it to know how hot I look strutting from table to table in a pair of sexy pantyhose though. I always adore the appreciation of businessmen who visit us for lunch as they admire my long, slender legs in beautiful nylons.

Wear Pantyhose Under Swimwear?

In fact, I am always looking for new ways to wear my pantyhose, so I wanted to share a new discovery I made this week on YouTube. It was something that I hadn’t done before, but I really liked the idea! How about wearing pantyhose under your swimwear when you go to the beach? I know it sounds crazy, but for someone like me, who can’t get enough of the way a pair of nice pantyhose feel against her skin, it would be deliciously kinky. I am already fantasizing about letting my nylon clad feet touch the sand and walking along the edge of the water. I have no doubt that it will feel even better stepping fully into the water and letting the wet nylon cling to my skin. Anyway, I will update you later if I dare do this. Can you imagine the looks I will get from others on the beach? Ooh, I sure can.

I've Got A Date This Weekend!

On a different note, I am off work this weekend. It is the first time I’ve had an entire weekend off in quite a while. I’m so excited, not only about the downtime, but also that I have a very hot date with a man I met last week. We’re going to an exclusive club that I’ve been wanting to visit and I will be dressed to kill in a form fitting latex dress. No doubt I am going to have to pick out some killer thigh high pantyhose to pair with a sleek pair of stilettos. I am so excited!

I will leave you all on that note. It’s been a long day at work and it’s time to get some sleep. Perhaps I will sleep in nothing but my pantyhose tonight. I’ll let you just picture that in your mind while I’m away.